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    Conference Publications

    [-] 2020 -Today


    Nosheen Abid, Muhammad Imran Malik, Muhammad Shahzad, Faisal Shafait, Haider Ali, Mohsin Ghaffar, Christian Weis and Norbert Wehn:

    Burnt Forest Estimation From Sentinel-2 Imagery Of Australia Using Unsupervised Deep Learning International Conference on Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA) 

    [-] 2010 - 2019


    Faiza Rehman, Hira Masood, Adnan Ul-Hasan, Raheel Nawaz, Faisal Shafait:
    An Intelligent Context Aware Recommender System For Real-Estate MedPRAI 2019


    Raaiha Humayun Kabir, Bisma Pervaiz, Tayyeba Muhammad Khan, Adnan Ul-Hasan, Raheel Nawaz, Faisal Shafait:
    DeepRank: Adapting Neural Tensor Networks For Ranking The Recommendations MedPRAI 2019


    Annus Zulfiqar, Adnan Ul-Hasan, Faisal Shafait:
    Logical Layout Analysis Using Deep Learning DICTA 2019


    Muhammad Ali Shahzad, Rabeya Noor, Sheraz Ahmad, Ajmal Mian, Faisal Shafait:
    Feature Engineering Meets Deep Learning: A Case Study On Table Detection In Documents DICTA 2019


    Ammad Ul Islam, Muhammad Jaleed Khan, Khurram Khurshid, Faisal Shafait:
    Hyperspectral Image Analysis For Writer Identification Using Deep Learning DICTA 2019


    Javeria Akbar, Muhammad Shahzad, Muhammad Imran Malik, Adnan Ul-Hasan, Faisal Shafait:
    Runway Detection And Localization In Aerial Images Using Deep Learning DICTA 2019


    Junaid Younas, Syed Tahseen Raza Rizvi, Muhammad Imran Malik, Faisal Shafait, Paul Lukowicz, Sheraz Ahmed:
    FFD: Figure And Formula Detection From Document Images DICTA 2019


    Saqib Ali Khan, Syed Muhammad Daniyal Khalid, Muhammad Ali Shahzad, Faisal Shafait:

    Table Structure Extraction With Bi-Directional Gated Recurrent Unit Networks ICDAR 2019


    Shah Rukh Qasim, Hassan Mahmood, Faisal Shafait:

    Rethinking Table Recognition Using Graph Neural Networks ICDAR 2019




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    [-] 2000 - 2009



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