, is a new face in the tech-market vigorously working in the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence, particularly in the field of Media Analysis. They are well-equipped with the professionals who can guide us with the recent trends and requirements of the media market. Also, the close interaction of with the current media personnel provides with the right platform to commercialize your product on scale.

AI Lounge

AI Lounge’s is a leading hub for training programs in Artificial Intelligence (AI), driven by values of Innovation, research and Integrity. The team consists of Professors, PhDs, highly qualified researchers and Industry Experts. Moreover, their team also includes foreign experts of the domain as well to train you in the new technologies of AI. AI Lounge’s team is equipped with all the latest technologies and is capable to give top notch trainings in Artificial Intelligence.


Like many development teams, you may not have the time nor the workforce to annotate the data in-house. In such cases, outsourcing image annotation services is often the most efficient option.
To help you find the perfect annotation solution, ‘iLabel’ is a company having a workforce which annotates the data used to train the models that enable you to produce machine learning empowered goods and services.