VREX automates the process of vehicle surveillance in gated communities, parks, public places and other such places using a low-cost portable device. It can detect vehicles and license plates from a surveillance feed and
provide this information in real-time to the security team.

VREX can identify the make and model of a vehicle, read its license plate, authenticate the license plate and vehicle captured using the vehicle registration databases of the respective government departments. It’s system can recognize the most common vehicle types used commercially in Pakistan with 92% accuracy rate and can process video feed at 14 Frames per Second (FPS).


  • Artistic Number plates recognition for Pakistani vehicles
  • Vehicle’s make, color and model recognition
  • Number plate verification from ICT and provincial police web-portals.

Product Market

  • Gated communities, such as, universities, residential colonies, strategic locations, etc.
  • Safe City departments


PI: Prof. Dr Faisal Shafait

Categories: Projects