Event Info

  • 14th September 2022
  • 10:30 am to 11:00 am
  • SEECS Seminar Hall
  • Dr. Christian Weis


Given that processing speed and scalability are two key demands from AI applications, AI accelerators play a critical role in delivering the near-instantaneous results that make these applications valuable. In short, AI accelerators should be intelligent and Intelligence necessitates memory. Without memory, humans fail to perform various nontrivial tasks such as reading novels, playing games or solving maths. The aim of this talk was to highlight the significance of memory in AI accelerators.


Dr. Christian Weis has received the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the TU Kaiserslautern, Germany, in 2014. From 1996 to 1998, he was with Mitsubishi Semiconductor Europe, Germany, where he was engaged in the design and development of microcontrollers. From 1998 to 2009, he was with Siemens Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies AG and Qimonda AG, Munich, Germany, in DRAM design. During this time frame, he was involved in DRAM design for graphics and commodity DRAM products. In 2006, he was a Design Team Leader for the 1Gb DDR3 DRAM, the first DDR3 volume product at Infineon/Qimonda. Since 2009, he has been with the Microelectronic System Design Research Group, TU Kaiserslautern, Germany. He holds more than 20 patents related to DRAMs and DRAM design, and published more than 70 papers. His current research interests include DRAM controller design, Near- & In-Memory processing, 3D-integrated DRAMs, heterogeneous memory architectures, and MPSoCs.

Event Timeline

10:30 – 11:00SEECS Seminar HallTalk on Importance of Memories in AI Hardware Accelerator